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Followup On Getting Old

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Followup On Getting Old

As a followup to my last blog posting I think I should clarify. I don’t normally do this, but so many wonderful comments posted on social media has prompted the need. I’m not going to recap, but some readers focused on my non-art work environment. Please understand those statements were not coming from
a whine or begging for sympathy! My thoughts drifted to a conversation with myself. Why I loved creating my junk car and abandoned boat art works? Then, a conversation within my own mind, came up with the non-art work environment. Somehow the negativity was creeping into my art. We are humans and as artists outside events, personal encounters inspire, and can influence our art work. So I shouldn’t be that surprised, right?

However, I never give much thought to the why or reason for my work. I CREATE and let it stand on it’s own, without explanation. I’ve always been curious as to why or what other people think when looking at my art. Comments such as “that’s beautiful” or “I like the color” or “I love the old cars” etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these are very important and heart warming to me, and appreciated.

This insightful commentary really touched me, and not everyone has the skills to write such, and I want to share with you with the writers permission:

“There is something both morbid and invigorating at the same time, at least to me. You wonderfully capture the beautiful shades of corrosion and decay thereof, giving it a new life from a creative perspective. It is almost like a wilting plant, still alive, still full of memories, yet transcending into another realm where there is both equally appreciated, the beauty of the now and the evanescent. I can very much relate to your passion of those junk cars. There is a vividness in the state between birth and entering into a different realm. Actually, there is no end, as I see it. The coloration of those junk cars remind me of processes taking place in nature, whether this might be the unfolding of blossoms and wilting thereof, or the different shades of coloration a hematoma is presenting with. There is a distinct beauty thereto that we are often not allowed to appreciate.” Luna Sconty

You can read that “Luna” is a writer and probably has had to write several introductions for her art and others for art galleries or exhibitions. She has the ability to put into wonderful words, what I wish I could say! I am so very honored and gratified for her commentary.

Back to the non-art work negative environment comments. I am very happy with my life to date. I have lived a wonderful life and look forward to living more. When I think back, about my adventures etc. Every decade I have changed and I hope grown as a living human being. Maybe taking one direction or another I might have regrets, but for the most part I have enjoyed my life.

I am so very thankful for the love and support of my adult daughters. This artists journey is for them. My legacy remains for them, when I finally depart this earth. In fact both of them have pointed out certain pieces of art work for themselves. I said, hey I have to sell something, right? They agree, but if not they WANT it all! This gives me such a comfort level as a working artist, and peace of mind.

I create for my girls, and if I sell something fine, if I don’t well that’s fine to. I am only 60 years old and looking forward to taking early retirement so that I can concentrate on creating FULL time without enduring a negative non-art work environment.

My life is wonderful, and hot damn I am having so much fun! Thank you for reading this long rambling blog post. I'm curious about what you think?