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Metaphor For Getting Old

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Metaphor For Getting Old

As a visual artist working in various mediums. We are expected or at least some artist feel the pressure of expectation, to reveal the inspiration behind
our creations. As for me, for the most part, I don’t really think about what motivates or inspires me to create a particular piece. Well, I don’t put a
lot of heavy thinking into the why.

Recently I have been fascinated with junk cars and wrecked old boats. I either use a reference photo of a junkyard car or old boat, or I purposefully
junk a normal looking image into an old haggard work. Junk Cars Series
and Abandoned Boats Series

However, the more I think about what has inspired me to make these creations. Maybe they reveal, something that I’ve been feeling about growing old.
In my out of the studio non-art job, I’ve really been feeling this pressure. Due to age and health issues I am not able to keep up with the 20 or 30
something co-workers. The management is predominantly all younger! The work environment has become very hostile to us older folks. There are not that many of us. In fact in the past couple of years some of us have died off, or quit in frustration.

As a result, it is very difficult to remain motivated to go into work or to provide a level of service required. But, the management doesn’t seem to
understand this. Laughing, and outright ridicule is always the norm! Old man jokes, and why don’t you keep up, and sometimes very nasty comments.

So, just maybe, my old junk cars and wrecked, abandoned boats are a deep reflection and inspiration, in unconsciously created works that are a metaphor for my work life. However, when I sit back and remain quiet, in solitude. I have lived a great life and an adventurous one at that. I am very blessed to have lived through these travels, and currently, a new adventure with my art career!

The trials and tribulations that I experience at my place of work for basic income to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Are but a brief speck of time
in my overall life, and not anything new or unique from what others of my generation experience.

I lived a life and have more to live everyday, and feel very grateful for my god given talent!

How about you?