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Time To Bloviate

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Time To Bloviate

Once again it is time to bloviate, the definition, to discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner. In other words to blow my own horn! For most artists, this is a very difficult task and a necessary evil in our career achievements. I am no exception! However these past few years I have learned to bloviate gently.

In the pursuit of this wonderful artist career journey, the entering of my works of art in online juried art contests and exhibitions has been met with rejections and success. In the past few years of entering and being accepted in several of these contests and exhibitions, I have been placed on a mailing list of “open calls” for artists. This past April an online gallery Art Show International sent me an invitation to enter my artwork in their monthly juried contest. Since I was not aware of these folks I diligently investigated them with online resources. After all, there is a lot of fraud and scams out there for artists.

Everything checked out to be true and positive reviews. I then looked over their past exhibitions, and the style of art and artists they accepted. All types of works of art had been accepted and exhibited, with an overabundance of modern, abstract, expressionist styles. At this point, I probably would have declined to enter my works because my style is representational. However, the words of art coach Paul Klein echoed in my mind. Be yourself, create the kind of work that you want. Don’t try to please or make art for the market. Create your art market!

I jumped in their still life competition with two pieces of work and ended up with an honorable mention award. Then in May, I entered five pieces in their solo art competition. These were from my animal and nature series. A couple of weeks later I received an inquiry e-mail from the competition jury asking about my artworks and style etc.

Once again the coaching of Paul Klein entered my mind. Remain honest, and vulnerable, when talking about your art and creation process. His coaching turned out to be true! The Art Show International gallery sent me an invitation to represent my art and a request for ten more images for a solo show. The gallery hosts artists at all levels of their careers. Some mid-career, emerging, and established artists. However, what surprised and thrilled me was the majority are abstract contemporary artists. Very few traditional representational artworks. Art Show International Artists

Here is my artwork, listed as one of their in-house artists, with my first solo show. Clyde J. Kell Solo Show

Like all galleries, they will rotate their artists in featured shows and exhibitions. Plus promote us through their social media accounts and within the worldwide art communities. However, unlike brick and mortar galleries they do not take commission fees on all works sold. There was a small fee requested upfront, which is placed with the prize money awarded to artists participating in their monthly exhibitions. So now I can bloviate that I am represented by an art gallery!