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Art Aesthetics

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Art Aesthetics

What one likes or dislikes in art is something very personal. A piece will speak to you or touch your soul. You will identify with what the artist is trying to say, or not! However, when starting an art collection on a budget one can become so frustrated or even depressed. You don’t have the funds for an original Van Gogh, or Picasso, Thomas Kinkade to name a few. Prints are available, however, you are also interested in creating a collection that may mature in value.

Current Artists Original Works
Why not consider, current working artists? There are thousands of artists worldwide that create works very similar in style, to the named famous artists and more. Some artists copy exactly and are very proud and good at it. When developing your artistic aesthetic taste, utilize many of the various artists' platforms available on the internet.

Sites To Find Artistic Works
Fine Art America is one of the largest. You can search by artist name, or style, and categories. Red Bubble, Society Six, Art Pal, are other sites to name a few.

Researching Your Favorite Artist
Once you find an artist's work that touches your soul. Search FaceBook, and Twitter, Instagram, and Google for their website. Reading the artists' statement, biographies should give you an idea as to the state of their career and if they’re on an upward trajectory. Plus, with the above sites, you should be able to see the progress in their craft. All key pointers to the future value of their works.

Collect With Your Heart
Last and the most important thought! You must love the work, and it will be pure enjoyment looking at the piece every day of your life. Buy with your heart, not only as an investment or expectation in future value.