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Our Renaissance

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Our Renaissance

I really enjoy the study of history and watching historical documentaries on YouTube. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of video’s about the Renaissance. This time area from 14th to 17th centuries was a technological, scientific, religious, and artistic boom period. So many advances influenced all levels of society.

I’m watching these video’s and thoughts of our current society creeps in my mind. The internet boom! So many technocrats, historians, and serious thinkers have written about the good and bad effects of the internet on our society. I do believe that we are in a type Renaissance! At all levels of our modern society the internet is pervasive. For good or bad the internet is here to stay and everywhere.

As a working professional visual artist. The opportunities are everywhere with the internet. Probably for the first time since the 14th or 17th century, artists
have the ability to create works of art and present them to a wider audience. However unlike during the European Renaissance, the buyers, collectors are
not part of the elite society. There are no key holders, or gatekeepers to block the working artist.

So, why are so many professional artists still making offerings to the elite gallery owners? Why are they bowing down to the so called art market?
With the internet user surge, they can reach potential collectors directly.

I personally like to think it’s a lack of education about the opportunities available through the internet. We have YouTube, when you search through
the thousands of video’s on the service. Any and everything you wish to know about how to market your art on the internet is available and FREE of costs.

The internet is our Renaissance! I am sure that 100 years from today, future historians will consider this time as such. Now the question you as a working
artist must ask yourself. Will you and your works of art be remembered? Don’t be afraid, put your art on the internet, there are so many platforms for you and most are FREE of costs. Make your statement in this new Renaissance!