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My First Graphic Novel

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My First Graphic Novel

It's done, finally done! What you ask? My very first graphic novel, inspired and based on the entertaining nostalgic horror anthology radio series
Quiet Please "The Thing On The Fourble Board". This has been a long time passion of mine. To combine my love of old time radio and my art.
Last year I came up with the Pulp Radio Art series, however it was missing something. Those illustrations were based on my favorite radio
shows, however I limited it to only three or four illustrations per program.

It was suggested to me, to write a graphic novel and illustrate the book and use a self publishing service. I delayed, and resisted because, well I'm
not much of a writer. But a few months ago, I discovered that several of the original scripts for these programs are in the public domain and
copyright free or lapsed in copyright.

Writer problem solved.... with some judicious editing and abridgment of the script, voila!

A graphic novel is born!

Here's my Pulp Radio Art Order Page Some of the illustrations available for viewing,
a listening and download mp3 link of the original radio play, and a large ORDER YOUR COPY button near the bottom of the page.

Check it out, let me know what you think, and stay tuned for future books. Now that I have my creation process down... more books in this series and other series will be completed. This art life is so much fun and exciting!