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Artist Guardian Angel

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Artist Guardian Angel

It has been a long time since posting to this blog, and my art career has been on a continuous upward trajectory. My lack of posting has more to do with me being not much of a writer. However, blogging is one of those tasks an artist must do.

Because of economic reasons, I started entering my works of art in on-line gallery exhibitions and art contests. I have kept a pace of four to five entries each month since September 2019, with two main purposes in mind. First, to create works of art specifically for each contest to improve my craft and skill. Second, to establish and display my works of art in the international market.

Since the pursuit of this artist's journey I have been awarded seven awards for “Special Recognition” and my work has been included as a finalist in various international contests.

My artwork has been exhibited digitally in Europe, and during Art Basel week in Miami Florida. The fascinating feature of these art shows and gallery exhibitions is that along with physical works of art, digital displays are installed.

I don’t claim to have futuristic powers of observation. But since the coronavirus pandemic the art world has changed and fully embraced these digital forms of exhibitions. The strategy that I pursued was because of economic reasons, not having the funds to ship my physical art to galleries and art shows.

However, just maybe my artist guardian angel is looking after me. What do you think?