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Art Master And Student Relationship

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Art Master And Student Relationship

As a self-taught visual artist, sometimes one feels a little intimidated by other artists that list their credentials, schools attended, and qualifications. However, it is the quality of works that’s important.

But one can always improve in their artistic craft, but where? When you study art history you read about the old masters that were understudied with a master artist. All the great masters would start their art careers with a master artist. This has been true throughout the ages!

Self-taught artists may be at a loss to find a master artist to study with, maybe? Now in the twenty-first century with social media and the internet, that task is at your fingertips. One can spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos at no cost. Any medium, any technique you want to learn is available!

But what about the special one-on-one teaching? The student, master relationship? Plus there needs to be respect between the student and the teacher. Not all art teachers or artist coaches, mentors are the same and for you. How I judge the quality of an art teacher is after a lesson, can I implement successfully what was just taught? This is no reflection on the quality of the instruction. Because I do have a hard head, sometimes things don’t always register with me. However later when I’ve thought about the lesson and reviewed the technique. Then I feel like I’ve successfully achieved a positive result. For me, that’s a good teacher!

Returning to the master-student relationship, concept. There are more opportunities available than ever before. Depending on what artistic craft or skill you wish to improve or learn. All available at your fingertips for various fees. I have enrolled in Kelli Folsom’s Vital Art Life sessions on a monthly subscription basis. Kelli teaches painting techniques and concepts from the old masters. With each video lesson, I find something new to learn. I pick up on a unique tip that I had never heard before.
Plus, she is available for question and answer sessions. What I have come to realize the master-student relationship is here and now. Her course is self-paced, however, she encourages daily or weekly painting. She is always saying, “you need to put in some brush time.”

Even though I am almost old enough to be her Father! I find myself in the position of the student at the master's feet.