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Art Master And Student Relationship

February 3rd, 2021

Art Master And Student Relationship

As a self-taught visual artist, sometimes one feels a little intimidated by other artists that list their credentials, schools attended, and qualifications. However, it is the quality of works that’s important.

But one can always improve in their artistic craft, but where? When you study art history you read about the old masters that were understudied with a master artist. All the great masters would start their art careers with a master artist. This has been true throughout the ages!

Self-taught artists may be at a loss to find a master artist to study with, maybe? Now in the twenty-first century with social media and the internet, that task is at your fingertips. One can spend hours upon hours watching YouTube videos at no cost. Any medium, any technique you want to learn is available!

But what about the special one-on-one teaching? The student, master relationship? Plus there needs to be respect between the student and the teacher. Not all art teachers or artist coaches, mentors are the same and for you. How I judge the quality of an art teacher is after a lesson, can I implement successfully what was just taught? This is no reflection on the quality of the instruction. Because I do have a hard head, sometimes things don’t always register with me. However later when I’ve thought about the lesson and reviewed the technique. Then I feel like I’ve successfully achieved a positive result. For me, that’s a good teacher!

Returning to the master-student relationship, concept. There are more opportunities available than ever before. Depending on what artistic craft or skill you wish to improve or learn. All available at your fingertips for various fees. I have enrolled in Kelli Folsom’s Vital Art Life sessions on a monthly subscription basis. Kelli teaches painting techniques and concepts from the old masters. With each video lesson, I find something new to learn. I pick up on a unique tip that I had never heard before.
Plus, she is available for question and answer sessions. What I have come to realize the master-student relationship is here and now. Her course is self-paced, however, she encourages daily or weekly painting. She is always saying, “you need to put in some brush time.”

Even though I am almost old enough to be her Father! I find myself in the position of the student at the master's feet.

Artist Guardian Angel

June 29th, 2020

Artist Guardian Angel

It has been a long time since posting to this blog, and my art career has been on a continuous upward trajectory. My lack of posting has more to do with me being not much of a writer. However, blogging is one of those tasks an artist must do.

Because of economic reasons, I started entering my works of art in on-line gallery exhibitions and art contests. I have kept a pace of four to five entries each month since September 2019, with two main purposes in mind. First, to create works of art specifically for each contest to improve my craft and skill. Second, to establish and display my works of art in the international market.

Since the pursuit of this artist's journey I have been awarded seven awards for “Special Recognition” and my work has been included as a finalist in various international contests.

My artwork has been exhibited digitally in Europe, and during Art Basel week in Miami Florida. The fascinating feature of these art shows and gallery exhibitions is that along with physical works of art, digital displays are installed.

I don’t claim to have futuristic powers of observation. But since the coronavirus pandemic the art world has changed and fully embraced these digital forms of exhibitions. The strategy that I pursued was because of economic reasons, not having the funds to ship my physical art to galleries and art shows.

However, just maybe my artist guardian angel is looking after me. What do you think?

Front Line Report Coronavirus

March 14th, 2020

Front Line Report Coronavirus

The real story from the FRONT Lines of the coronavirus war! For those here that don’t know my two daughters live in Italy. I frequently talk with them via Facebook video. At least once a week, sometimes twice a week. They are confused as to why I’m so worried about them. My daughter Erika lives in Northern Italy, in the RED ZONE. Below is a picture she sent from Friday 13 March. She’s 7 months pregnant and doing fine. However this morning Saturday she canceled our call because she is in the hospital for an overnight stay. She has been having problems with high blood pressure and headaches. So the doctor wanted to keep her overnight for observation. NO coronavirus… just pregnancy problems.

Plus when you watch the news they say there are not enough hospital beds for the sick. That story doesn’t match up! Both of my daughters say no police or military patrolling the streets. People are wearing a mask if they have them and stay at least a meter distance, etc. My daughters don’t have any masks because they were sold out. However, they wear a scarf around their face. It’s considered bad manners now to go out in public without covering “brutta figura”.

The small shops in the neighborhoods are OPEN and no hoarding! They’ve been grocery shopping, drug stores, etc. However, big supermarkets and big box stores are either closed or partially closed. Thank God for the small shops not being pushed out of business by the big box stores! To enter the shops they need to stand in a single file one meter apart and only two or three can enter at a time. So it takes longer to shop… But everyone is laughing joking, and the small shop owners are family. Kinda like the way it was in the '50s and 60’s here in the US….

This is not to say… the virus issue is all blown out of proportion. There are real concerns and people are sick and have died. But the Italians, are having fun with it… well. their grandparents and great grandparents survived World War Two… They will survive this… and so will we!

Art Exhibition March - April

March 7th, 2020

Art Exhibition March - April

Once again I am pleased and honored to participate in an Artbox Projects exhibition. For the entire month of March and April my art piece titled "Saint John, Repent" will be on digital display on their 8 foot flat screen monitor in the Zurich Switzerland Artbox gallery. Located at: Giessereistrasse 1 8005 Zürich
right at the "Schiffbau" in the urban art district of Zürich.

From March 18 - 22, 2020 The same piece will be on display in Barcelona Spain located: at Valid World Hall, S.L.C/ Buenaventura Muñoz 6 08018 Barcelona Spain Hours: 10 am to 8 pm 18th - 22nd March 2020

Please if any readers of this blog are near these locations. Please take a snapshot with my art and send to me. Thank you so much for your support.

Gread Read On Medium

January 11th, 2020

Gread Read On Medium

I read and follow several art related articles across the internet. Here's link to really great and concise article on medium.

Why You Should Buy Art From Living Artists

Review Of Art Career Achievements 2019

December 31st, 2019

Review Of Art Career Achievements 2019

It is amazing when I think about all the achievements for 2019. I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Let’s list them?

1. Finally all my art postings across the various platforms, Fine Art America, Red Bubble, Society6, Artpal, Zazzle, and Shop Vida have paid off. My art is on home décor products, and apparel, prints, and has sold one or more items from five of the platforms eleven months of the year! Economics was not
the goal, only presentation and representation of my art. However it is very flattering and nice when a stranger orders a dress, scarf or pillow or blanket with my art on it.

2. To improve the quality and craft of my works I watch a lot of video’s on YouTube. One particular series of video’s that I enjoy is from Artists Stefan Baumann. I have implemented many of his teaching and found success. I have been awarded “Special Recognition” for my art works Sep, Nov, Dec in three
international jury shows.

3. My art work has been exhibited in digital format in my first brick and mortar gallery show for the entire month of October in Zurich Switzerland.

4. The first week of December my art was on display in a Miami Florida gallery during Art Basel 2019.

5. An increase in outside commission works for the year.

6. Creation, production of the Artists Friends Podcast distributed across the internet with thousands of listeners. I am very grateful for the participation of my two good artists friends Diane Hunt and Constance Brosnan. We’ve been meeting weekly in video conferences and having so much fun motivating and inspiring each other. So, why not record part of our sessions and share with the world?

7. Substantial increase in social media presence due to the advice and recommendations of Gary Vaynerchuck. I follow his postings religiously and have attempted to put in practice his advice. I am a long way from achieving the maximum recommendations.

2019 was the year of education and partial implementation. I think that years in the future my memories will return to this year as a major mile marker in the art career. It’s hard to believe that I only launched this fantastic journey in 2017!

2020 Set For Success!

Once again my art will be exhibited in Zurich Switzerland for the entire month of January. Following in February I have several international contests in the works. I’ll announce dates and locations when and if I am accepted. Plus, in March I’ll be participating in an international gallery show in Barcelona Spain.

During 2019 my studio art production exploded! So many works and now the unique problem of storage. However I am fired up for setting new increased works production for 2020.

What a wonderful life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this recap of 2019. I know that I have forgotten many achievements for the year, so please have a blessed and Happy New Year.

Art Basel Miami 2019

December 5th, 2019

Art Basel Miami 2019

I am so honored and humbled that my art work is on display in Miami FL this week Dec 02 - 08 during Art Basel week. The work will be on digital display on one of two of the big 7x7 foot monitors. If you're in the Miami area visit the gallery located at: Eduardo Lira Art Gallery 2065 NW 2nd Ave,
Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL 33127 open 11 am to 8 pm. The Art Basel Artweek in Miami is probably the biggest art event worldwide! Over one hundred thousand art lovers visit Miami during this week each year. Various art fairs, galleries in the art district Wynwood and art events
inspire the visitors year after year.

Art Collection Budget

November 16th, 2019

Art Collection Budget

You don’t have to be wealthy to start collecting original works of art. Especially works of art that matter to you! We’ve all read about art collectors that choose pieces based on how much they’ll appreciate in value over the years. You should be buying art because it moves you emotionally, it touches your soul and gives you some kind of fulfillment.

Let The Art Inspire You!

Collecting starts with “knowing what you like and what you can afford.” Research, and research! Look for artists that inspire and capture your imagination. Attend local art walks and fairs, you’ll find art for your collection, and make meaningful connections with local artists and galleries.

Make the most of your money

You don’t have to have millions of dollars to start building an art collection. But how you allocate your art collecting budget matters.
Let’s say you have $100 to buy art with. You have a decision to make here: Do you want to spend that money on several less expensive pieces or one to two more impressive ones? Choose quality over quantity, but what about covering the white space on your walls?

I once read a statement from an art dealer, “If you’re just looking to fill space to avoid visual boredom, that’s decorating, not collecting.”

Forget “Good Investment” Thoughts

With emerging artists who are still experimenting with their styles and working to grow their fan bases, it’s “impossible” to make such predictions.
There is one area where you can improve the chances the value of a piece will hold or increase. When you find artists you like, choose iconic pieces that best represent their body of work. For example, if a particular artist paints both nature scenes and portraits, but is best known for their paintings of mountains at sunset, a mountain painting would be the better buy.

Be choosy about your source And Set A Purchase Budget

It’s best to buy your art directly from the artists or a gallery. Either way, there’s a guarantee that the work is authentic. Establish an art collection budget, on a monthly basis, put way in a savings account a few dollars specifically for art. Based upon how large your budget grows, plan on purchasing at least (1) new piece each year. Of course this is all up to how fast you want to grow your collection and how much you spend on each piece. Creating an art collection budget may seem obvious. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the obvious. Setting aside a few dollars each month specifically targeted for collecting art, can and will grow!

What a wonderful feeling to know that not only are you collecting something of beauty. But you’re helping another human being grow in their potential and provide a living for their family, the artists!

Why Enter Art Contests or Shows

November 2nd, 2019

Why Enter Art Contests or Shows

Recent success with my art career has prompted me to think about and investigate why? What is it that I am doing now that I wasn’t doing a year ago?

Let’s review!

To help me improve in my art marketing, and craft/skill achievements, I watch a lot of YouTube video’s. One series of video’s that I follow religiously are those of Stefan Baumann. He is an art coach, teacher and professional artist. If I could afford it, I would join his personal coaching program! Since I’m a poor starving artist I have to be satisfied with watching his video’s on YouTube.

He repeats his teaching philosophy in several of his video’s, but the points that really work for me are the following:

1. We don’t paint things! With each piece of work we create, it’s practice for the next one. We should work on each creation as though it was going to sell for a million dollars!

2.You have to get your work out to the public. Look for art contests and exhibitions, and research the winners style and art.
Look for juried art shows and enter, them. Don't think about it! Enter your creations.

3. Create works of art for the show or contests! When you work in this manner you are improving in your skill without thinking about it.

4. When your persistent in entering these shows are contest. Your chances of winning an award are increased. Maybe not first place around, but special recognition or finalists is a nice start. (One caution, research the shows, to make sure they're valid, and look for low or free submission fees.)

The past three months I have followed his advice, and seriously worked hard to improve my art craft and skill. Success, success! Combined with interactions, conduct on social media, my art is gaining attention.

Another, secondary achievement with entering “International online art contests” and you win awards. It’s YOUR ART that has spoken for you! How many times have we heard artists say they want their art to speak for them? Well, here is your chance!

To answer the blog title question! The reason to enter art contest and exhibitions is not vain glory, it’s to improve your art skill, and to let the world know you are a working artist, and your art has something to say! Now get to work, and be successful!

Only A Few Days Remaining

October 25th, 2019

Only A Few Days Remaining

There's only a few days remaining to see my art in my first gallery exhibition. Located in the Artbox Gallery Zurich, Switzerland. Giessereistrasse 1 8005 Zürich right at the "Schiffbau" in the urban art district of Zürich. The exhibition "Show It" has been running the entire month of October, and it has been a GREAT honor to participate. My work can be viewed in digital format on the Artbox 55in monitor. Gallery operation hours: Monday thru Friday 10 am - 6 pm and Sat 10 am - 4 pm. Sun Closed.

If you're in the area, please visit the gallery and take a snapshot with my art and post on social media. Thank You!

Holiday Gift Giving Suggestion

October 19th, 2019

Holiday Gift Giving Suggestion

With holidays just around the corner as they say. Everyone begins to scramble around and get upset when thinking of that perfect unique gift.
How about giving some original art? If you're gift giving budget cannot afford original works of acrylic, oil, water color etc. How about prints, or unique
original art on apparel and home decor products. Just about every home decor product you could think of has the potential for original art work to
place on it. Here's a short video presenting one of my shops with original art: Clyde's Art Story Episode 24 Make sure you do some shopping price comparison here's the page listing all the art sites where my art is available on various
home decor and apparel products. CJ Kell's Art Works

Top quality products all with 30 day money back guarantee, plus the sites offer discounts at various times, so keep any eye for some great savings.
Give a special gift of original art to create that lasting joy all year long.

Determine Your Aesthetic Taste

October 11th, 2019

Determine Your Aesthetic Taste

What one likes or dis-likes in art is something very personal. A piece will speak to you or touch your soul. You will identify with what the artists is trying to say, or not! However, when starting an art collection on a budget one can become so frustrated or even depressed. You don’t have the funds for an original Van Gogh, or Picasso, Thomas Kinkade to name a few. Prints, are available, however you are also interested in creating a collection that may mature in value.

Why not consider, current working artists? There are thousands of artists world-wide that create works very similar in style, to the named famous artists
and more. When developing your aesthetic taste. You can utilize many of the various artists platforms available on the internet.

Fine Art America is one of the largest. You can search by artist name, or style, and categories. Red Bubble, Society Six, Art Pal, are
other sites to name a few.

Once you find an artists work that touches your soul. Search Face Book, and Twitter, Instagram, and Google for their personal web site. Reading the artists statement, biographies should give you an idea as to the state of their career and if they’re on an upward trajectory. Plus, with the above sites,
you should be able to see the progress in their craft. All key pointers to future value of their works.

You don’t have to be wealthy to start collecting original works of art. Especially works of art that matter to you! We’ve all read about art collectors that choose pieces based on how much they’ll appreciate in value over the years. You should be buying art because it moves you emotionally, it touches your soul and gives some kind of fulfillment.

Collecting starts with “knowing what you like and what you can afford.” Research, research, Look for artists that inspire and capture your imagination. Search through Instagram, Face Book, and Fine Art America, artists sites. Also, attend local art walks and fairs. There, you might find art for your collection, or make meaningful connections with local artists and galleries.

You don’t have to have millions of dollars to start building an art collection. But how you allocate your art collecting budget matters. Let’s say you have $100 to buy art with. You have a decision to make here: Do you want to spend that money on several less expensive pieces or one to two more impressive ones? Choose quality over quantity, but what about covering the white space on your walls? I once read a statement from an art dealer, “If you’re just looking to fill space to avoid visual boredom, that’s decorating, not collecting.”

With emerging artists who are still experimenting with their styles and working to grow their fan bases, it’s “impossible” to make such predictions.
There is one area where you can improve the chances the value of a piece will hold or increase. When you find artists you like, choose iconic pieces that best represent their body of work. For example, if a particular artist paints both nature scenes and portraits, but is best known for their paintings of mountains at sunset, a mountain painting would be the better buy.

It’s best to buy your art directly from the artists or a gallery. Either way, there’s a guarantee that the work is authentic. Establish an art collection budget, on a monthly basis, put way in a savings account a few dollars specifically for art. Based upon how large your budget grows, plan on purchasing at least (1) new piece each year. Of course this is all up to how fast you want to grow your collection and how much you spend on each piece.

Creating an art collection budget may seem obvious. Sometimes we have to be reminded of the obvious. Setting aside a few dollars each month specifically targeted for collecting art, can and will grow!

What a wonderful feeling to know that not only are you collecting something of beauty. But you’re helping another human being grow in their potential and provide a living for their family, the artists!

Art Collecting Terminology

October 2nd, 2019

Art Collecting Terminology

In the process of learning how to collect original works of art. You will come across some strange terminology. Emerging artists, a term you will often encounter. Cheryl McGinnis, art curator/collector, gave the best explanation I have ever heard. Most artists are “emerging” regardless of how many exhibitions or how many art galleries that represent them. In her opinion, unless the works of an artist is in the collections of the worlds major museums and galleries. High level, respected national and international institutions, the artist is NOT established. This is only important for pricing and appraisal's.

Thus most artists are still emerging in their careers. Please don’t confuse this with your love of a particular artists work, or quality. It is simply a term that you’ll hear and read while researching the background of working artists. Galleries and professional art dealers use the term all the time.

Speaking of galleries, the traditional way that art is sold. Bargain’s can be found, and in some cases an easy way to finance their higher priced works. However, always keep in mind that a gallery usually splits the price 50% or less with the artist. The pricing will always be higher because of exhibitions, operating costs, etc.

If your favorite artist is represented with a gallery, check out this service as a possible method for financing. An artist friend recommended this site.

Art Aesthetics

What one likes or dis-likes in art is something very personal. A piece will speak to you or touch your soul. You will identify with what the artists is trying to say, or not! However, when starting an art collection on a budget one can become so frustrated or even depressed. You don’t have the funds for an original Van Gogh, or Picasso, Thomas Kinkade to name a few. Prints, are available, however you are also interested in creating a collection that may mature in value.

Why not consider, current working artists? There are thousands of artists world-wide that create works very similar in style, to the named famous artists and more. Some artists copy exactly, and are very proud and good at it.

Collect With Your Heart

Last and the most important thought! You must really love the work, and it will be pure enjoyment looking at the piece everyday of your life. Buy with your heart, and not only as an investment or expectation in future value.

Art Work Pricing SECRETs

September 26th, 2019

Art Work Pricing SECRETs

For new collector's of art the number one confusing or disturbing issue they encounter is price. Why is their such a diversity and range of prices for some works of art? Some works of art with what appears to be very little detail sell for a high price, and other more detailed intricate works are priced low. Why? There’s a very long answer for this, however I promise to keep it brief.

I’ll use my own pricing structure as an example. When I started this art journey, pricing created a lot of anxiety. I spent hours researching YouTube and other internet resources to come up with a comfortable consistent structure. I start out using the square inch method. I take the width, height and multiply, then take that number and multiply with a dollar figure. This gives me a base rate for any size of art work.

I then spent some time searching the internet for emerging artists with a similar background and style. Reviewed their web sites for their price range.
In addition I searched my target market area for what art similar to mine are selling for, and I adjusted down or up my prices. In this manner, my own price range is not that drastic from one piece to another. There are also other factors to add in, framing, material, shipping, packaging etc.

As a new collector, look for consistent pricing, across all sizes, and price growth. Large swings up or down, may be a risk, unless the artists can really justify a major event in their career. For you the collector growth in pricing is a good thing, as long as there is a gradual climb. Because you're collecting art for beauty, legacy, investment, and most of all FUN.

Pet Portraits

September 24th, 2019

Pet Portraits

Creating pet portrait works is something very unique and special. For me a great responsibility to capture that special nature of the dog or cat or other animal pet. When I started this art journey I created several pet portrait works for my non-art co-workers. I don't have the time to take on that many commissions anymore. However, they still give me a very humble feeling that another person will cherish my art work for the rest of their lives. Here is an episode of Clyde's Art Story Episode 22, displaying a few of my past works. If you would like a pet portrait completed for the holidays, please contact me asap.

In The Dark

September 4th, 2019

In The Dark

We take so many things for granted in this our modern day society. When you turn the switch on, you have lights to guide your way
through your residence. You have 24 hours 7 day access to the internet, and thus communication with the world. You use an app to order almost
instant transportation, food, or any other service or product.

Needless to say one can list all of our modern technological conveniences, available to improve our daily lives. However, what happens when
“Mother Nature” decides to snap it all away from you? When a raging storm attacks your comfortable community and turns the power out?

Suddenly you’re in the dark! Pitch black, and silence! Here’s an episode of “Clyde’s Art Story” where I tell the story of what I did during a recent
power outage.

Penny Less With Hope

August 17th, 2019

Penny Less With Hope

Where does the time go? It has been a few weeks since I last made a blog post. I have some very exciting news to share with you. When I started this artists journey, or rather when I chose to pursue a career in art. I enrolled in a professional artists career strategy on-line course. After completion, and
following the advice of various artists mentors and coaches. My pursuit of a career as a working professional artists was launched!

Two key strategies all artists coaches seem to suggest. One, pursue a relationship with gallery owners and directors, and two, enter in various exhibitions
through “artists calls”, online or locally.

However for me a starving artists, finding the funds to pursue the recommend strategies can be really difficult. Plus, if and when you’re accepted into an
exhibition or contests. The entry fee, can be anywhere from $15 to $50 dollars and seems to always be non-refundable. Not a lot of money,
but terribly expensive for one living on a tight budget!

Out of frustration with my situation, I made the bold statement of “the galleries, and art market was going to have to come to me”. I have then followed an
internet only method of marketing my art. Through social media and various artists platforms throughout the internet. I have presented my works of art to
well over 100,000 viewers!

My method of madness has worked! During the month of October one of my pieces will be entered in a group exhibition in a gallery in Zurich Switzerland. In true internet fashion the digital image will be displayed inside the gallery walls on large 55inch monitors.

Plus, I was invited and have been accepted to enter 25 pieces of work in an international online art competition. The key thing to remember is that these are no-cost exhibitions for emerging artists, and they FOUND me. They contacted me through my artist sites, and social media!

There is hope and opportunity for a poor starving artist, if you stay the course. Keep faith with yourself and continue to create!

Artists Friends Podcast Episode One

June 19th, 2019

Artists Friends Podcast Episode One

I am pleased to announce a new creation of The Artists Friends Podcast an audio recording of our weekly meeting of artists online.
For about the past three years I have held a casual video conference online with some artists friends from around the world. The main purpose of
the hour long and sometimes longer meeting each week is to share marketing, and craft techniques with each other. Plus, we provide inspiration,
motivation and encouragement in our art careers. Some of the material and the fun that we enjoy with each other should be shared with the world
and other artists that may feel isolated and need some morale boosting. Here's the YouTube link for your listening enjoyment. Artists Friends Podcast

If you're a working artists feeling isolated and want to learn more about marketing online, and want to meet other artists and participate in a lively
conversation. Please send an e-mail request to:

There's no commitment, and if you only wish to be a guest on an episode. Feel free to send a message.

Every week in advance, I search YouTube for interesting art related video's and ask the Friends to watch and we hold a discussion.
Sometimes, we stay on topic, but our meetings are completely organic and we have a lot of fun.

See ya there!

Ripe Pumpkins Hitting The Ground

June 7th, 2019

Ripe Pumpkins Hitting The Ground

As part of my personal D-Day celebration, every year I watch war movies based on the event. In particular I re-watch “Saving Private Ryan” and
the 1960’s movie “The Longest Day”. This year I re-watched the PBS series “The War”. It seems like every time I watch that series. Something new,
a fact or a personal story is noticeable.

With the third or fourth episode a new fact was made very clear and chilling. When the paratroopers were sent in June 5, 1944, many of the
men lost their lives due to complete blunders. There was low level cloud cover and so the pilots missed their drop zones. A very large number of the
planes flew to low and the men jumped without their parachutes opening.

Here’s the chilling fact, witnesses said they heard what sounded like “ripe pumpkins hitting the ground”. When daylight came, they found their
buddies bodies. The night before the sound they heard was the bodies of men with unopened parachutes hitting the ground.

Have you ever cut into a pumpkin, gourd or watermelon? It emits a very distinct sound! The next time you’re upset about the stop light not changing quick
enough, or the slow cashier at a store.

Think about June 6 1944, and ripe pumpkins hitting the ground!

Followup On Getting Old

May 21st, 2019

Followup On Getting Old

As a followup to my last blog posting I think I should clarify. I don’t normally do this, but so many wonderful comments posted on social media has prompted the need. I’m not going to recap, but some readers focused on my non-art work environment. Please understand those statements were not coming from
a whine or begging for sympathy! My thoughts drifted to a conversation with myself. Why I loved creating my junk car and abandoned boat art works? Then, a conversation within my own mind, came up with the non-art work environment. Somehow the negativity was creeping into my art. We are humans and as artists outside events, personal encounters inspire, and can influence our art work. So I shouldn’t be that surprised, right?

However, I never give much thought to the why or reason for my work. I CREATE and let it stand on it’s own, without explanation. I’ve always been curious as to why or what other people think when looking at my art. Comments such as “that’s beautiful” or “I like the color” or “I love the old cars” etc, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these are very important and heart warming to me, and appreciated.

This insightful commentary really touched me, and not everyone has the skills to write such, and I want to share with you with the writers permission:

“There is something both morbid and invigorating at the same time, at least to me. You wonderfully capture the beautiful shades of corrosion and decay thereof, giving it a new life from a creative perspective. It is almost like a wilting plant, still alive, still full of memories, yet transcending into another realm where there is both equally appreciated, the beauty of the now and the evanescent. I can very much relate to your passion of those junk cars. There is a vividness in the state between birth and entering into a different realm. Actually, there is no end, as I see it. The coloration of those junk cars remind me of processes taking place in nature, whether this might be the unfolding of blossoms and wilting thereof, or the different shades of coloration a hematoma is presenting with. There is a distinct beauty thereto that we are often not allowed to appreciate.” Luna Sconty

You can read that “Luna” is a writer and probably has had to write several introductions for her art and others for art galleries or exhibitions. She has the ability to put into wonderful words, what I wish I could say! I am so very honored and gratified for her commentary.

Back to the non-art work negative environment comments. I am very happy with my life to date. I have lived a wonderful life and look forward to living more. When I think back, about my adventures etc. Every decade I have changed and I hope grown as a living human being. Maybe taking one direction or another I might have regrets, but for the most part I have enjoyed my life.

I am so very thankful for the love and support of my adult daughters. This artists journey is for them. My legacy remains for them, when I finally depart this earth. In fact both of them have pointed out certain pieces of art work for themselves. I said, hey I have to sell something, right? They agree, but if not they WANT it all! This gives me such a comfort level as a working artist, and peace of mind.

I create for my girls, and if I sell something fine, if I don’t well that’s fine to. I am only 60 years old and looking forward to taking early retirement so that I can concentrate on creating FULL time without enduring a negative non-art work environment.

My life is wonderful, and hot damn I am having so much fun! Thank you for reading this long rambling blog post. I'm curious about what you think?

Metaphor For Getting Old

May 18th, 2019

Metaphor For Getting Old

As a visual artist working in various mediums. We are expected or at least some artist feel the pressure of expectation, to reveal the inspiration behind
our creations. As for me, for the most part, I don’t really think about what motivates or inspires me to create a particular piece. Well, I don’t put a
lot of heavy thinking into the why.

Recently I have been fascinated with junk cars and wrecked old boats. I either use a reference photo of a junkyard car or old boat, or I purposefully
junk a normal looking image into an old haggard work. Junk Cars Series
and Abandoned Boats Series

However, the more I think about what has inspired me to make these creations. Maybe they reveal, something that I’ve been feeling about growing old.
In my out of the studio non-art job, I’ve really been feeling this pressure. Due to age and health issues I am not able to keep up with the 20 or 30
something co-workers. The management is predominantly all younger! The work environment has become very hostile to us older folks. There are not that many of us. In fact in the past couple of years some of us have died off, or quit in frustration.

As a result, it is very difficult to remain motivated to go into work or to provide a level of service required. But, the management doesn’t seem to
understand this. Laughing, and outright ridicule is always the norm! Old man jokes, and why don’t you keep up, and sometimes very nasty comments.

So, just maybe, my old junk cars and wrecked, abandoned boats are a deep reflection and inspiration, in unconsciously created works that are a metaphor for my work life. However, when I sit back and remain quiet, in solitude. I have lived a great life and an adventurous one at that. I am very blessed to have lived through these travels, and currently, a new adventure with my art career!

The trials and tribulations that I experience at my place of work for basic income to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Are but a brief speck of time
in my overall life, and not anything new or unique from what others of my generation experience.

I lived a life and have more to live everyday, and feel very grateful for my god given talent!

How about you?

My First Graphic Novel

May 11th, 2019

My First Graphic Novel

It's done, finally done! What you ask? My very first graphic novel, inspired and based on the entertaining nostalgic horror anthology radio series
Quiet Please "The Thing On The Fourble Board". This has been a long time passion of mine. To combine my love of old time radio and my art.
Last year I came up with the Pulp Radio Art series, however it was missing something. Those illustrations were based on my favorite radio
shows, however I limited it to only three or four illustrations per program.

It was suggested to me, to write a graphic novel and illustrate the book and use a self publishing service. I delayed, and resisted because, well I'm
not much of a writer. But a few months ago, I discovered that several of the original scripts for these programs are in the public domain and
copyright free or lapsed in copyright.

Writer problem solved.... with some judicious editing and abridgment of the script, voila!

A graphic novel is born!

Here's my Pulp Radio Art Order Page Some of the illustrations available for viewing,
a listening and download mp3 link of the original radio play, and a large ORDER YOUR COPY button near the bottom of the page.

Check it out, let me know what you think, and stay tuned for future books. Now that I have my creation process down... more books in this series and other series will be completed. This art life is so much fun and exciting!

Our Renaissance

May 3rd, 2019

Our Renaissance

I really enjoy the study of history and watching historical documentaries on YouTube. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of video’s about the Renaissance. This time area from 14th to 17th centuries was a technological, scientific, religious, and artistic boom period. So many advances influenced all levels of society.

I’m watching these video’s and thoughts of our current society creeps in my mind. The internet boom! So many technocrats, historians, and serious thinkers have written about the good and bad effects of the internet on our society. I do believe that we are in a type Renaissance! At all levels of our modern society the internet is pervasive. For good or bad the internet is here to stay and everywhere.

As a working professional visual artist. The opportunities are everywhere with the internet. Probably for the first time since the 14th or 17th century, artists
have the ability to create works of art and present them to a wider audience. However unlike during the European Renaissance, the buyers, collectors are
not part of the elite society. There are no key holders, or gatekeepers to block the working artist.

So, why are so many professional artists still making offerings to the elite gallery owners? Why are they bowing down to the so called art market?
With the internet user surge, they can reach potential collectors directly.

I personally like to think it’s a lack of education about the opportunities available through the internet. We have YouTube, when you search through
the thousands of video’s on the service. Any and everything you wish to know about how to market your art on the internet is available and FREE of costs.

The internet is our Renaissance! I am sure that 100 years from today, future historians will consider this time as such. Now the question you as a working
artist must ask yourself. Will you and your works of art be remembered? Don’t be afraid, put your art on the internet, there are so many platforms for you and most are FREE of costs. Make your statement in this new Renaissance!

Wishing A Happy Easter

April 20th, 2019

Wishing A Happy Easter

Wishing a very Happy Easter to all my readers, and thank you so much for your support. I hope to continue to keep you interested in my blog postings.
I have a lot of projects going on at the same time, and juggling the daily task. Look forward to more information and details!

Until next time,
Kind Regards,
Clyde J. Kell

I've Done It

April 13th, 2019


I have done it, yes I did it! What have I done you ask? I’ll tell you in just a minute, but first a little background. When I returned to creating visual works
of art for my adult daughters back in February of 2017. My original purpose was to only draw and paint pieces for them. However, during research of
several instruction video’s on the YouTube service. I discovered video’s for artists marketing, and selling your art work on-line.

I consumed those video’s with a passion of a fanatic, and told my daughters about the idea of maybe starting a career as a professional artist.
Anyhow one video lead to another, and before I knew it, I enrolled in a professional artists career training course and was on my way to creating works of art for sale.

During a private coaching session with the coach. The question, a big thought provoking question was asked of me. “What do you want to do with
your art?” I said, that I wanted my art to touch people hearts, to touch they’re souls in the same manner as my old time radio programs. What motivates
me to keep my internet radio station broadcasting nostalgic old time radio programs for over 19 years is just that! Over the years I have received
thousands of e-mail letters telling me how my programming has saved lives and provided comfort and enjoyment. I wanted my works of art to do the same!

Now, lets fast forward to today. I have done it! I have accomplished that goal. My art has touched hearts, and peoples souls! My mother taught me to watch people’s actions and not what they say, very wise advice.

Before I started this artist journey, only a handful of people maybe (20) family and friends ever knew that I was an artist. After compiling the statistics from
the various artist platforms where my art appears. As of today, well over 100,000 people from around the world through the internet as viewed my
art work. If you search Clyde J. Kell Artist on Google, I am about three pages deep, and with an image search my art work comes up to the top.
Here’s the most exciting news! Since 2017, (35) people, has purchased, home decor products featuring my art, along with a few private
commission pieces.

The skeptic would say, that’s not a very large number. With regards to income not anything to brag about. But here is what excites me. I have images of my art work displayed across six internet platforms featuring my art on various home decor products and prints available for purchase.

The Six Artists Internet Platforms The original purpose was only to introduce my art to the world. If someone purchased a print or product. I told myself, that’s a bonus, because the royalty payment is only a few dollars.

However, out of the thousands and thousands of artists displayed on these platforms, a stranger picked my art! People have purchased blankets, prints, tapestries, pillows, wall clocks, t-shirts, dresses, women scarves, and tote bags. Yes, how personal can you get? An adult woman, purchased a dress with one of my art designs! I’ve done it! My art has touched the heart and soul of a stranger. Another human unknown to me ordered an apparel or home decor item featuring my art. You have no idea as to how much satisfaction, and heart warming that brings me. How it motivates me to continue creating art.

Something that I always admired about the American artist Thomas Kinkade, is his art touched the heart of millions of people around the world. Kinkade’s art is everywhere on all types of home decor products. Members of my own family love his art work.

I have no allusion’s to compare myself to Kinkade. But, I think I’m on the right path to achieving the same goal! What do you think?

Digital Abstract Art Designs

April 5th, 2019

Digital Abstract Art Designs

Introducing my new work collections, “Digital Abstract Art”. These are digital extractions of small abstract pieces from my previous works.
I then use a graphics program to enhance, enlarge and turn them into unique abstract designs. Great for apparel, prints, and home decor products.

I’ve never been fond of abstract art, however when you look at some of my previous representational works. Patterns emerge, and become a work of art
on their own. Color, light, shading, and brush strokes draws the eye into the piece.

Take a look, and tell me what do you think? Digital Abstract Collection

Life Events Run In Circle's

April 4th, 2019

Life Events Run In Circle

Sometimes life events come full circle. Let me explain, sit back for a marketing success story!

During my last two years of military service in Naples Italy. I was hyped up on entrepreneurship and self employment. I read every magazine I could get my hands on. There was no world-wide web then, circa 1990. In one of these magazines there was an article about Temporary Tattoos. How, an enterprising person could setup a booth at fairs and events etc. The article provided the steps and source for ordering the tattoos.

Temporary Tattoo Booth
Every year the military community held a Fourth of July festival in the local park, Festa Americana, and they open the park to the Italian public, friends and
relatives. They offered opportunities and encouraged people to setup activity booths, food booths, games, etc. I jumped on this, and setup a booth selling
those temporary tattoos.

Marketing Success!
I have 16 Italian niece and nephews, and they were all from age’s three to 17 years old. They were perfect for marketing my product. I put those tattoos on
the kids and encouraged them to run through the park. My 17 year old niece helped me handle the sales. Both of us were putting tattoos on some very
long lines of people. In that one weekend I made $4000 selling these $2, $5 and $8 temporary tattoos.

Life events come full circle. This week I received an e-mail announcing new products available on one of my artists sites. My temporary tattoo adventure
memory came flooding back! However this time, I can create my own designs and offer them for sale.

Today temporary tattoos are not that unique, but still make great party favors. I’m back in the temporary tattoo business, well sort of!

Here's what I'm starting with, lots more designs to come. Clyde's Temporary Tattoos

How Not To Sell Art

March 28th, 2019

How Not To Sell Art

With thousands and maybe millions of articles on the internet about marketing, and selling your art. I found this article REALLY interesting.

How Not To Sell Your Art -Artbusiness dot com

After reading the article, think about it! How many of those situations do you create, maybe without knowing it.

Original Art Collecting

March 20th, 2019

Original Art Collecting

The art market can seem like a daunting scary world, for those with millions to spend. Don’t be intimidated, anyone can enjoy owning art in an affordable way. The key is to choose something you love and buy with confidence.


Take your time and do your homework. There are lots of opportunity to find quality art for a reasonable price. With the internet now more than ever artists are presenting their works on-line and available for purchase. When you see a piece of art that grabs at your soul, and you fall in love with.
Google search the artists, look at their website. Subscribe and read their blog postings, follow them on Instagram, and Face Book. Don’t be afraid to personally contact the artist about the piece you love. After a few days, you should be able to identify if the art works fit your budget. One price does not fit all! With millions of artists around the world, you will find one with the talent and price structure that you can afford.

Buy With Your Heart

Buy something beautiful for you and that you want to look at everyday on your walls. However, when you decide to collect the works of a particular artist, research their careers. Do they have a body of work, and are they demonstrating skills and craft growth? Trust Your Instinct. Buy something for the simple reason that you love looking at it. Be discerning and brave. If you’re looking for something in a particular style. Consider the works of an exciting emerging artist, instead of scrimping and saving to buy something second-rate from a well-known artist. There’s great satisfaction in supporting the next generation of artists. I once heard an expert art dealer say that all artist are “emerging” unless they are represented by established major world-class museums and art galleries, in New York, Rome, London, etc.

Don't Try To Be Cool

Don't be too hip. It's hard to be on the upside of the curve unless you're an insider. Better to buy something that's gone a bit obscure, even out of style, think modern, not contemporary. Don’t buy something only because you think the piece will gain in value. Art collecting, is a long term process, and a love and passion for the works themselves. The artists unique style, and subject matter! When you decide on a piece, don’t be afraid to ask the artist for a discount of 10 to 20 percent. If you’re buying directly from the artist, most will be glad to agree.

Have Fun, and enjoy the art collecting experience!

Wonderful Time For Artists

March 12th, 2019

Wonderful Time For Artists

If you watch network newscasts, and read newspapers. One can become very depressed! The world is going to hell and a hand basket as the old saying.
Well for artists this is the BEST time ever! Why, you ask? Probably since the birth of the renaissance it has never been easier for artists. Let me
try to explain with a personal example.

I have always been a artist since my youth, however life got in the way and I never really pursued a career as a professional artist. In my entire lifetime
maybe only 20 people, family and close friends knew that I could draw or paint and had artistic skills.

In early 2017 after re-establishing a relationship with my adult daughters. (Life, heartbreak, separation, financial issues got in the way before, and I missed out on a large portion of their youth.) My girls remembered that I was an artist and questioned if I was still painting and creating works of art. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was picking up the paint brush and pencils and creating visual works of art again. All due to their encouragement, and love! It wasn’t long before I investigated the resources available on the internet, and again at my daughters suggestion’s started on this wonderful artistic journey.

The disruption of the internet in all levels of our society truly has made it possible for artists to by-pass the gatekeepers and present their creations to the world! Now lets fast forward to 2019, utilizing the various platforms for artists, more than 60,000 people from around the world has viewed my artistic creations, and some have purchased original works, prints, and, home decor products. I am on the way to living off the income from my art sales. A long way to go, but on a positive trend upward as they say.

Yes, it is truly a great time for artists. Use social media, use sites like Fine Art America, and others. There are no more gatekeepers!

Pulp Radio Art Graphic Novel Project

March 5th, 2019

Pulp Radio Art Graphic Novel Project

As I’ve posted here before one of my primary passions is collecting, listening and sharing old time radio. When I commenced this professional visual art journey, figuring out a combination of these two passions was heavy in my mind.

With advice from a professional artists coach. I came up with the Pulp Radio Art concept. Illustrations and art renderings inspired and based on these old time radio programs. This was very satisfying and fun for a while, but still did not fulfill the passion.

A few weeks simply by pure accident I stumbled on the idea of a graphic novel. This was purposed to me over a year ago. However I dismissed the idea because I am not a writer, and doing a transcription of the radio shows would be extremely laborious.

Many of the original scripts for these wonderful programs are available, and are not under copyright, or the original copyright holders have released them to the public domain. Problem solved, there’s my text, and with judicious editing, combined with my Pulp Radio Art illustrations we have a graphic novel.
I am currently working on one of my most favorite episodes from the horror anthology series “Quiet Please”, “The Thing On The Fourble Board.”

Here’s the first four pages check it, and let me know what you think about it? Download Link in PDF format.

Trolley Car Memories

February 13th, 2019

Trolley Car Memories

I participate in several Face Book discussion groups for artists. It’s a good way to receive and give creative encouragement to fellow artists.
Plus, a very excellent method for reviewing various artistic styles and creative inspiration.

One of my favorite groups is the “Purely Water Color” discussion group. These folks are from all over the world and extremely polite and nice.
Members are artists of all levels of skill. They are very helpful and inspirational to my artistic journey!

Every month they hold a creative challenge. A subject is picked by the group administrators and reference photo’s provided. Participates in the challenge, upload images of our completed works into a folder. At the end of the challenge month the administrators vote on first though tenth place. The fun part of this contest is, skill level doesn’t matter! They’re great at picking the piece that best reflects the spirit of the image and challenge. The prize is bragging rights! Like I said the members are very polite and so very encouraging.

I don’t always participate in every challenge, and have actually won tenth place in a past challenge. The February challenge particularly grabbed my interest, because of my recent fascination with old junk cars and trucks. The subject is vintage transportation! Trains, planes, cars, motorcycles, ships, and trolley cars.

Trolley cars, that got my attention! A reference photo of a vintage street car was posted and made available. Memories of my travels in Italy, a warm
summer day in Rome. One day while visiting, I hopped on a trolley car. I didn’t know where it was going. I grew up in Indiana and we didn’t have street cars there. I had never ridden one, so they fascinated me. What a great experience and wonderful way to see a city. The building’s going by at a slower pace than a car, allows you to take in all the unique character of the structures and the people walking down the street. Stories, and mysteries, wonders who lives there? Where are they going? How do they live, what are their lives like? As a stranger in their city, the trolley car gives me the opportunity to participate in a non-intrusive way into their lives, and my fellow passengers. Are they tourists like me? Going home from or going to work?

A photograph brought these memorable treasures flooding back! Participation in Face Book artists discussion groups can be so fulfilling. I am very grateful and feel privileged for the inspiration they give me.

Do you have a favorite group that you participate in?

Skill Growth

February 9th, 2019

Skill Growth

When slugging away creating art we sometimes wonder if our craft skills are improving or just making it. When a new growth spurt takes place it is so
rewarding and satisfactory. I recently had that experience! I am a self-taught artist. I never attended college for art, or any art specialty school.

However over the years I have attempted to self-school myself. Reading various books on art history, art craft and technique. I’ve noticed some
improvements, but nothing radical until recently.

In my efforts to raise the level of skill, I sometimes review various art instruction video’s on YouTube. Artists are so lucky, at our fingertips and
in the privacy of our studio’s we have access to thousands of self-instruction video’s.

One must use a discerning eye, because you can go down a rabbit hole as they say watching all the available video’s and waste a lot of time.
But now and then one pops up in the search that excites and actually can improve your art skill.

That’s the case with a series of video’s from artist/teacher Stefan Baumann! I’ve come across his video’s in the past but ignored most of them, because he is a Plein air, outdoors artist. What caught my interest this past week, was his discussion on composition, focal points, eye magnets, lighting,
shading, don’t paint things.

I’ve never heard such talk! While watching and listening to the video I was working on some pieces for my Junk Car & Truck water color series. Voila!
To my complete surprise and under fascination I had incorporated these concepts in my work. However at the same time maintaining my style!

If you review most of my previous works, only a few jump out at you as he states. Something special, meets your eye’s. Stefan Baumann say’s that
untrained artists with talent will occasionally incorporate these composition fundamentals in their works and not know why or how they did it.

That’s so true with me, but going forward not any more. With each new work before picking up the pencil, and paint brush. A complete review and thought
process about lighting shading, focal points will take place with my eye. The subject matter doesn’t come into play with these principals.
I have to think I’m NOT painting things!

Craft skill growth is such a satisfying thing for an artists. Stay tuned and look out for what’s coming! Oh by the way don't worry about your style, it
will come to you. Mine did!

Junk Car and Truck Series

January 25th, 2019

Junk Car and Truck Series

Introducing my new “junk car” illustration series. I have always enjoyed old vintage car photographs. Especially, the 1940’s and 50’s black and white photographs of vintage cars and trucks. When I was a boy, growing up in Indiana, we lived nearby a car junkyard, and I spent many hours playing around those fantastic rusting heaps. If we were lucky a car or two would still have the steering wheel and seats. Hours of racing in the Indianapolis 500 race way!

My imagination was filled with solving the mystery of why these old cars were there. Who owned them, what adventures did these cars endure?
Now all grown up maybe these old cars stand as a metaphor for our lives? As we grow old, and reflect back on our own lives. We were proud, and honorable in service to our families and society. Just like these vintage cars!

Using various photographs, I “junk” the cars up. Adding rust, and broken windows, but still attempting to keep the proud essence when new.
Abandoned and forgotten, but not lost, resting in wooded areas and fields, around the world. Weathered, and worn, resisting time, representing man’s
mobile achievements.

Movies For Your Ears

January 18th, 2019

Movies For Your Ears

What if I told you that you could watch four or five movies in two to three hours? All in high definition, superb quality! No, I’m not talking about some new high technology or gizmo. Actually it is simply vintage tech, radio!

In previous postings I’ve expressed my love for vintage old time radio programs. I really love the drama plays, based on vintage period movies. The radio series Lux Radio Theater, Screen Directors Playhouse, and Screen Guild Theater to name a few. These series feature radio productions and most often the cast members from the original movies, along with the directors.

These talented screen play writers take a two or three hour movie and condense down to one hour or half hour radio plays. All the action, and excitement from the movie is retained and performed on a stage before a live audience. In some cases I prefer the radio play rather than the original film.

These are “movies for your ears”, all in superb color! Your imagination creates the scenes. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself clapping with the audience after a performance! Listen for yourself Mystery Play Internet Radio.

A Note To Artist

January 14th, 2019

A Note To Artist

In my last blog posting I posted the message from the founder of Fine Art America. Something that all artists should take the time to read through.
In past conversations and on-line discussions with fellow artists a plethora of negativity comes up.

Such as, “I don’t want to sell prints on-line” and “I don’t want my art work to appear on home decor or apparel products.” or “I don’t want my art work images to be copied or used”. My answer to ALL of these negative comments is “Don’t”. You can still utilize the promotion power of the Fine Art America site without putting any of your art up as prints, products etc. Plus, the site gives you the opportunity to
place a water mark in your image to help prevent theft!

When you upload an image, as you go through the settings, simply leave the product area’s blank. Only use the “Original Art For Sell” option, and if you’re concerned about art theft, complete the water mark option.

Another very negative comment is “I’ve been on the site for a long time have not sold one print or product” and “There’s to many artist on the site”.
Within the article this problem is addressed really well. I suggest you re-read and understand. Fine Art America is a business like Amazon.
It is a platform for artists to present their work to the world “FREE” there’s no fee’s or cost of any kind. However it is up to you to promote yourself throughout the internet. When you make a sell, your work is pushed to the top!

I have been listed on the site since early 2017. I made my first sell five months ago! Then two more sells within three weeks. I made only a total of $20.00, nothing to brag about. But think of it in this way, out of millions of artists on the site. Someone found my art and ordered a product. When you search on Google with my name, my Fine Art America profile comes up FIRST.

Marketing on the internet is all about ATTENTION gaining eyeballs, all about reaching out to potential collectors. Why not utilize the worlds largest art market site?

Something About Fine Art America, Interesting Read

January 10th, 2019

Here was something posted on the Fine Art America site, from the owner. An interesting read, and thought provoking.
Why Every Artist Should Be Selling on Fine Art America

Internet Only Art Popup Shows

January 4th, 2019

Internet Only Art Popup Shows

Everyone reading this blog is invited to visit my on-line art popup show. Water Color Popup Show Early in 2018, I and five other artists from across the United States put together our first ever on-line popup show. We created an introduction video, and separate video’s for each artist briefly talking about their works of art. Images of some of their art and links to their web sites for purchase information.
As part of the participation, each artist was required to send out press releases and social media postings about the show. The main goal of the show was to publicize and increase the presence of their art work throughout the internet. After review and analysis of search results I think we achieved the goal.

Since the first show, I have held two other solo shows, and one group show with two other artist. Utilizing the power of the internet’s “attention” these shows are a great way to “get your art” before thousands of viewers. I hope to put together several more group shows in 2019. My current solo popup show will run through February. Please take a few minutes to visit, and let me know what you think about it. Plus, if you’re an artist and would like to participate? Please contact me:

Exotic Pet Love

December 27th, 2018

Exotic Pet Love

Our pets give us so much enjoyment and unconditional love. Dogs and cats provide hours of entertainment and cuddling when we did it the most.
However, exotic pets are also worthy of praise. Recently during a conversation with a collector he told me a beautiful story about their pet land turtle.

Marshal the turtle! As a Christmas gift I was commissioned to create a water color painting of this delightful turtle. With delivery of the piece, the collector said I captured Marshal perfectly. Scaly, and green and brown coloring,with Marshal munching on some pieces of Kale.

My collector said that Marshal provides hours of entertainment playing ball! Yes, he uses his head to flip and push these small multi-colored balls around the living room. Slowly, as a Turtle is only able to move, but none the less actively seeking each ball. This reminded me of an exotic pet that I had as a child.

My step father gave us a talking parrot, a miniature green Macaw. His name was Pretty Boy, and lived for five years with us. He would have lived longer, but my brother’s young cat got at him. Pretty Boy’s first words were cuss words, taught to him by I and my brothers of course this didn’t please Mom! During a visit from my Grandfather, Pretty Boy displayed his knowledge of these words. My Grandfather, said that bird just called me an “SOB” oh this certainty embarrassed my mother.

Hours of entertainment, and unconditional love from Pretty Boy, in spite of his sailor language. Pretty Boy, would wake us up for school each morning.
He knew the exact time we needed to rise, with screams of “get up, get up, get up.” He always figured out, how to get out of his cage and sit on top yakking and cussing at everyone. This is how the great battle between Pretty Boy and the white kitten happened. It was a horrible fight! Green and yellow feathers all over the house, and the cat had blooded peck marks all about it’s head.

Exotic pets are just as enjoyable and loving in their own way as dogs and cats! Let’s raise our New Year’s day cup of cheer to Pretty Boy the parrot and Marshal the turtle, thank you for the love and fond memories.

Artist Christmas Story

December 21st, 2018

Artist Christmas Story

The other day I received a fantastic Christmas gift from a collector friend of mine. During delivery of a recent commission piece for his family he told me about a Christmas gift he gave to his young daughter last year.

Last year he commissioned me to create two water color works of his daughters beta fish for her birthday. During a shopping visit to Walmart his daughter was excited about a large pillow with a fish design. As a good father, he told her NO, and said wait for Christmas. This started him to think about something that would make an excellent gift for his sweet little girl.

After returning home, this wonderful father, remembered that I also place my works of art on various home and apparel products for purchase. He searched my various shops, and found the largest pillow, a floor pillow with the image of his daughters beta fish printed. The perfect gift!

Ordered, and shipped due to arrive for Christmas. However, they were visiting a relative’s house during the Christmas season. He told his daughter that maybe Santa Clause will not know that they are out of town for the special day.

The story has he joyfully told me is as follows. His entire family involved themselves to create a tale of theft, house robbery, large foot tracks in the snow, Christmas gifts ripped off and all for his little girl. With glee, he said when they entered the victims house with his daughter by his side. There under the Christmas tree was the large floor pillow!

This collector friend, said that to this day, his little girl sleeps with that pillow of her beta fish, created by me. It’s hard to tell this story without tears in my eyes. He doesn’t know just how great of a Christmas gift he has given to me. A true artist Christmas gift! Merry Christmas and wishing everyone that reads this a very Happy New Year.

Neapolitan Presepi, Memories

December 18th, 2018

Neapolitan Presepi, Memories

During this time of the year fond memories of my life adventures in Naples Italy, come forward. In particular the various presepi displays in the churches throughout the city. Naples is considered the center of the world in the presepi creation craft.

What are presepi? They are Nativity scenes, hand made ceramic figurines. With the manger presenting the child Christ, and animals, and standard figures. An entire village representing daily life, humanity displayed in elaborate Neapolitan settings.

Workshops and artists who specialize in these creations work all year long. Craftsmen constantly carve and paint figures that illustrate Neapolitan life and the joy of play. Neapolitan presepi can be traced back to 1025. Church historians say that St. Francis of Assisi is responsible for the first Nativity scene.
In 1223, he found himself in the little Italian town of Greccio and realized he needed a place to conduct Christmas Mass. He found a nearby cave for the ceremony and constructed a manger for Mass. He added live animals and willing parishioners to dramatize the birth of Jesus.

The displays go up with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8. The presepi will stay up until Epiphany, January 6. The local Churches setup elaborate displays of entire villages and zones representing ancient Naples. There is only one rule: No matter how elaborate the presepi, Baby Jesus is not added to the scene until Christmas Eve.

Walking around the city and visiting these inspirational displays, while munching on roasted chestnuts purchased from a street vendor. Ah dolci vita! Christmas season in Naples Italy, fond memories indeed.

Kissed From A Water Buffalo

December 15th, 2018

Kissed From A Water Buffalo

Here's a story that really happened to me during my first year after arrival in Naples Italy as 19 years old. Serving in the United States Navy.
I created this early podcast episode of Clyde's Art Story Episode 02 I hope you enjoy it.

Flying Monkey's, What?

December 14th, 2018

Flying Monkey

Why is it that during the holidays we think about and remember moments and events of our youth? Maybe because this time of the year was always special for children, or at least it was for me. Seems like that as I age, I remember and cherish these childhood memories. One particular memory is special in a certain way. I’ll tell you about it!

Every year during the Christmas season for some reason while I was growing up the television networks played the “Wizard Of Oz” movie. You know the 1939 version, the original! As a child growing up in the 1960’s I loved that movie and looked forward to watching it every single year.
Well almost, and I’ll tell you why!

I have two younger brothers, and of course was expected to act in a certain manner. Set a good example as my Mother would say. However, when it came to a certain scene in the Oz movie, I failed. It’s those damn flying monkey’s! When Dorothy and the others were in the haunted forest, and the wicked witch sent those monkey’s after them. At that point the tears would begin to flow, and I would run screaming hiding under the bed. Those monkey’s absolutely terrified me! Of course over the years my younger brothers teased me. Each year, “Here they come Clyde, get ready,” it would happen, and I was running for the bed.

To this day, they bother me. I am 60 years old, the other day I was watching a new digitized clean version of the original 1939 movie. NO, I didn’t go running for the bed, but there sure was goose pimples forming on my arms, and hairs on the back of my neck were tingling, as those damn flying monkey’s appeared on screen. People monkey’s are not suppose to fly!

Audio Books Entertainment

December 13th, 2018

Audio Books Entertainment

In previous posts I’ve spoke about my enjoyment of listening to old time radio programs. Especially while working, and creating my art. Another form of audio entertainment other than music really inspires me. This is audio books! Around 2012, I discovered the service, and have never looked back. Audible is a monthly subscription, for a fee you’re given the opportunity to select among thousands of outstanding audio books. All the genre’s are represented and even audio versions of classic publications. Your selections are held in an on-line library for later download.

I don’t want this blog posting to sound like an advertisement for Audible, however the service is so good. I enjoy sharing a service or products the excite me. I use to be a avid reader, completing on average a book or two per week. However with age, these old eyes have quickly tired out! My reading days were coming to a close. Now thanks to Audible, I am back to reading (listening) to several books a week.

With my introduction subscription, my FREE book. I selected the very large William L. Shirer “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, 56 hours in the audio format. In years past I had tried several times to read this excellent historical book, however, I would give up. The audio version was excellent! I was able to finish the book by listening to it for about two or three hours everyday. I’ve found other books that were difficult to read, but easy to listen and complete.
I don’t watch network television, and with old time radio, music, and audio books, plus Netflix, and YouTube. My entertainment thirst is quenched on my terms.

Creating works of art, listening to my favorite book, or old time radio program, or watching a YouTube documentary. Hot damn life is good!

Pulp Radio Art

December 12th, 2018

Pulp Radio Art

Long before I started creating visual art and starting a career as a visual artist. I always utilized my creativity with the programming and digital album creation of old time radio. As stated in previous posts and for those that have known me for awhile. I am absolutely passionate about sharing these thrilling nostalgic radio plays with the world. Working my way through various pieces of art work this passion for old time radio inspires my mind and creativity in my Pulp Radio Art series. Usually, when I’m working away in my studio, my favorite radio series is playing.

Ever since a youth one of my favorite American authors has been Edgar Allen Poe! The story of “The Tell Tale Heart” has always been enjoyable. It touches the core of being human, and draws the line between evil and good. Whatever we do, we can never run away from our conscious. In the story the man murders an old man because of his evil eye. However, he can never get away with the murder because he hears the beating of the dead man’s heart. When you listen to the radio play, the sounds effects create such vivid images in your mind, far better than when reading the story. Listening to this particular story inspired me to create this illustration. I think I captured the spirit, what do you think?

Why I Love Old Time Radio

December 12th, 2018

The other day a conversation topic came up that I had to think about and try to explain to a young twenty something guy. Why I love and listen to old time radio? He said do you miss those days, you’re not that old? Just what is old time radio? Well after briefly explaining what old time radio is, dramatic radio plays from the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and these were before television, etc. bla, bla, and bla, bla.

I then tried to answer the question of why I love listening to them. My very first time listening to a nostalgic radio program was sometime in 1978. I was serving in the United States Navy and stationed in Naples Italy. Only 19 years old and away from home for the first time, and living in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language. Each weekend the local military radio station would replay these wonderful radio plays from the 1940’s and later. Drama, comedy, westerns, mystery, horror genre radio plays. I lived (off base) on the economy as they say in a small apartment alone! Instead of hanging out in the base club drinking myself silly. I stayed home and tuned in each weekend to these thrilling radio programs.

I soon recognized, a very familiar pattern of speech. Little phrases, and expressions were very familiar! This was the way my grandparents talked. For me it was like they were alive again. I was very close to my grandparents and miss them to this day. The generation of old time radio is the generation of my grandparents. References like “Hey Mert” and “save the fat” and “catch you on the beam”. These were familiar and meant something to me. I heard my grandparents use these in their daily talking!

In answer to the question of why I love old time radio. I am once again in the presence of my beloved grandparents! Fast forward to 2001, I found old time radio once again on the internet, and soon discovered how to obtain, and collect these wonderful shows in mp3 format. Shortly there after, I created my own internet radio station sharing my love with millions of listeners around the world. Broadcasting for 18 years now, Mystery Play Internet Radio plays 24x7 on three channels all the genre’s of nostalgic radio.