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Why Enter Art Contests or Shows

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Why Enter Art Contests or Shows

Recent success with my art career has prompted me to think about and investigate why? What is it that I am doing now that I wasn’t doing a year ago?

Let’s review!

To help me improve in my art marketing, and craft/skill achievements, I watch a lot of YouTube video’s. One series of video’s that I follow religiously are those of Stefan Baumann. He is an art coach, teacher and professional artist. If I could afford it, I would join his personal coaching program! Since I’m a poor starving artist I have to be satisfied with watching his video’s on YouTube.

He repeats his teaching philosophy in several of his video’s, but the points that really work for me are the following:

1. We don’t paint things! With each piece of work we create, it’s practice for the next one. We should work on each creation as though it was going to sell for a million dollars!

2.You have to get your work out to the public. Look for art contests and exhibitions, and research the winners style and art.
Look for juried art shows and enter, them. Don't think about it! Enter your creations.

3. Create works of art for the show or contests! When you work in this manner you are improving in your skill without thinking about it.

4. When your persistent in entering these shows are contest. Your chances of winning an award are increased. Maybe not first place around, but special recognition or finalists is a nice start. (One caution, research the shows, to make sure they're valid, and look for low or free submission fees.)

The past three months I have followed his advice, and seriously worked hard to improve my art craft and skill. Success, success! Combined with interactions, conduct on social media, my art is gaining attention.

Another, secondary achievement with entering “International online art contests” and you win awards. It’s YOUR ART that has spoken for you! How many times have we heard artists say they want their art to speak for them? Well, here is your chance!

To answer the blog title question! The reason to enter art contest and exhibitions is not vain glory, it’s to improve your art skill, and to let the world know you are a working artist, and your art has something to say! Now get to work, and be successful!