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Trolley Car Memories

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Trolley Car Memories

I participate in several Face Book discussion groups for artists. It’s a good way to receive and give creative encouragement to fellow artists.
Plus, a very excellent method for reviewing various artistic styles and creative inspiration.

One of my favorite groups is the “Purely Water Color” discussion group. These folks are from all over the world and extremely polite and nice.
Members are artists of all levels of skill. They are very helpful and inspirational to my artistic journey!

Every month they hold a creative challenge. A subject is picked by the group administrators and reference photo’s provided. Participates in the challenge, upload images of our completed works into a folder. At the end of the challenge month the administrators vote on first though tenth place. The fun part of this contest is, skill level doesn’t matter! They’re great at picking the piece that best reflects the spirit of the image and challenge. The prize is bragging rights! Like I said the members are very polite and so very encouraging.

I don’t always participate in every challenge, and have actually won tenth place in a past challenge. The February challenge particularly grabbed my interest, because of my recent fascination with old junk cars and trucks. The subject is vintage transportation! Trains, planes, cars, motorcycles, ships, and trolley cars.

Trolley cars, that got my attention! A reference photo of a vintage street car was posted and made available. Memories of my travels in Italy, a warm
summer day in Rome. One day while visiting, I hopped on a trolley car. I didn’t know where it was going. I grew up in Indiana and we didn’t have street cars there. I had never ridden one, so they fascinated me. What a great experience and wonderful way to see a city. The building’s going by at a slower pace than a car, allows you to take in all the unique character of the structures and the people walking down the street. Stories, and mysteries, wonders who lives there? Where are they going? How do they live, what are their lives like? As a stranger in their city, the trolley car gives me the opportunity to participate in a non-intrusive way into their lives, and my fellow passengers. Are they tourists like me? Going home from or going to work?

A photograph brought these memorable treasures flooding back! Participation in Face Book artists discussion groups can be so fulfilling. I am very grateful and feel privileged for the inspiration they give me.

Do you have a favorite group that you participate in?