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Skill Growth

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Skill Growth

When slugging away creating art we sometimes wonder if our craft skills are improving or just making it. When a new growth spurt takes place it is so
rewarding and satisfactory. I recently had that experience! I am a self-taught artist. I never attended college for art, or any art specialty school.

However over the years I have attempted to self-school myself. Reading various books on art history, art craft and technique. I’ve noticed some
improvements, but nothing radical until recently.

In my efforts to raise the level of skill, I sometimes review various art instruction video’s on YouTube. Artists are so lucky, at our fingertips and
in the privacy of our studio’s we have access to thousands of self-instruction video’s.

One must use a discerning eye, because you can go down a rabbit hole as they say watching all the available video’s and waste a lot of time.
But now and then one pops up in the search that excites and actually can improve your art skill.

That’s the case with a series of video’s from artist/teacher Stefan Baumann! I’ve come across his video’s in the past but ignored most of them, because he is a Plein air, outdoors artist. What caught my interest this past week, was his discussion on composition, focal points, eye magnets, lighting,
shading, don’t paint things.

I’ve never heard such talk! While watching and listening to the video I was working on some pieces for my Junk Car & Truck water color series. Voila!
To my complete surprise and under fascination I had incorporated these concepts in my work. However at the same time maintaining my style!

If you review most of my previous works, only a few jump out at you as he states. Something special, meets your eye’s. Stefan Baumann say’s that
untrained artists with talent will occasionally incorporate these composition fundamentals in their works and not know why or how they did it.

That’s so true with me, but going forward not any more. With each new work before picking up the pencil, and paint brush. A complete review and thought
process about lighting shading, focal points will take place with my eye. The subject matter doesn’t come into play with these principals.
I have to think I’m NOT painting things!

Craft skill growth is such a satisfying thing for an artists. Stay tuned and look out for what’s coming! Oh by the way don't worry about your style, it
will come to you. Mine did!