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Review Of Art Career Achievements 2019

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Review Of Art Career Achievements 2019

It is amazing when I think about all the achievements for 2019. I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Let’s list them?

1. Finally all my art postings across the various platforms, Fine Art America, Red Bubble, Society6, Artpal, Zazzle, and Shop Vida have paid off. My art is on home décor products, and apparel, prints, and has sold one or more items from five of the platforms eleven months of the year! Economics was not
the goal, only presentation and representation of my art. However it is very flattering and nice when a stranger orders a dress, scarf or pillow or blanket with my art on it.

2. To improve the quality and craft of my works I watch a lot of video’s on YouTube. One particular series of video’s that I enjoy is from Artists Stefan Baumann. I have implemented many of his teaching and found success. I have been awarded “Special Recognition” for my art works Sep, Nov, Dec in three
international jury shows.

3. My art work has been exhibited in digital format in my first brick and mortar gallery show for the entire month of October in Zurich Switzerland.

4. The first week of December my art was on display in a Miami Florida gallery during Art Basel 2019.

5. An increase in outside commission works for the year.

6. Creation, production of the Artists Friends Podcast distributed across the internet with thousands of listeners. I am very grateful for the participation of my two good artists friends Diane Hunt and Constance Brosnan. We’ve been meeting weekly in video conferences and having so much fun motivating and inspiring each other. So, why not record part of our sessions and share with the world?

7. Substantial increase in social media presence due to the advice and recommendations of Gary Vaynerchuck. I follow his postings religiously and have attempted to put in practice his advice. I am a long way from achieving the maximum recommendations.

2019 was the year of education and partial implementation. I think that years in the future my memories will return to this year as a major mile marker in the art career. It’s hard to believe that I only launched this fantastic journey in 2017!

2020 Set For Success!

Once again my art will be exhibited in Zurich Switzerland for the entire month of January. Following in February I have several international contests in the works. I’ll announce dates and locations when and if I am accepted. Plus, in March I’ll be participating in an international gallery show in Barcelona Spain.

During 2019 my studio art production exploded! So many works and now the unique problem of storage. However I am fired up for setting new increased works production for 2020.

What a wonderful life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this recap of 2019. I know that I have forgotten many achievements for the year, so please have a blessed and Happy New Year.