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Pulp Radio Art

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Pulp Radio Art

Long before I started creating visual art and starting a career as a visual artist. I always utilized my creativity with the programming and digital album creation of old time radio. As stated in previous posts and for those that have known me for awhile. I am absolutely passionate about sharing these thrilling nostalgic radio plays with the world. Working my way through various pieces of art work this passion for old time radio inspires my mind and creativity in my Pulp Radio Art series. Usually, when I’m working away in my studio, my favorite radio series is playing.

Ever since a youth one of my favorite American authors has been Edgar Allen Poe! The story of “The Tell Tale Heart” has always been enjoyable. It touches the core of being human, and draws the line between evil and good. Whatever we do, we can never run away from our conscious. In the story the man murders an old man because of his evil eye. However, he can never get away with the murder because he hears the beating of the dead man’s heart. When you listen to the radio play, the sounds effects create such vivid images in your mind, far better than when reading the story. Listening to this particular story inspired me to create this illustration. I think I captured the spirit, what do you think?