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Pulp Radio Art Graphic Novel Project

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Pulp Radio Art Graphic Novel Project

As I’ve posted here before one of my primary passions is collecting, listening and sharing old time radio. When I commenced this professional visual art journey, figuring out a combination of these two passions was heavy in my mind.

With advice from a professional artists coach. I came up with the Pulp Radio Art concept. Illustrations and art renderings inspired and based on these old time radio programs. This was very satisfying and fun for a while, but still did not fulfill the passion.

A few weeks simply by pure accident I stumbled on the idea of a graphic novel. This was purposed to me over a year ago. However I dismissed the idea because I am not a writer, and doing a transcription of the radio shows would be extremely laborious.

Many of the original scripts for these wonderful programs are available, and are not under copyright, or the original copyright holders have released them to the public domain. Problem solved, there’s my text, and with judicious editing, combined with my Pulp Radio Art illustrations we have a graphic novel.
I am currently working on one of my most favorite episodes from the horror anthology series “Quiet Please”, “The Thing On The Fourble Board.”

Here’s the first four pages check it, and let me know what you think about it? Download Link in PDF format.