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Audio Books Entertainment

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Audio Books Entertainment

In previous posts I’ve spoke about my enjoyment of listening to old time radio programs. Especially while working, and creating my art. Another form of audio entertainment other than music really inspires me. This is audio books! Around 2012, I discovered the service, and have never looked back. Audible is a monthly subscription, for a fee you’re given the opportunity to select among thousands of outstanding audio books. All the genre’s are represented and even audio versions of classic publications. Your selections are held in an on-line library for later download.

I don’t want this blog posting to sound like an advertisement for Audible, however the service is so good. I enjoy sharing a service or products the excite me. I use to be a avid reader, completing on average a book or two per week. However with age, these old eyes have quickly tired out! My reading days were coming to a close. Now thanks to Audible, I am back to reading (listening) to several books a week.

With my introduction subscription, my FREE book. I selected the very large William L. Shirer “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, 56 hours in the audio format. In years past I had tried several times to read this excellent historical book, however, I would give up. The audio version was excellent! I was able to finish the book by listening to it for about two or three hours everyday. I’ve found other books that were difficult to read, but easy to listen and complete.
I don’t watch network television, and with old time radio, music, and audio books, plus Netflix, and YouTube. My entertainment thirst is quenched on my terms.

Creating works of art, listening to my favorite book, or old time radio program, or watching a YouTube documentary. Hot damn life is good!