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Artists Friends Podcast Episode One

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Artists Friends Podcast Episode One

I am pleased to announce a new creation of The Artists Friends Podcast an audio recording of our weekly meeting of artists online.
For about the past three years I have held a casual video conference online with some artists friends from around the world. The main purpose of
the hour long and sometimes longer meeting each week is to share marketing, and craft techniques with each other. Plus, we provide inspiration,
motivation and encouragement in our art careers. Some of the material and the fun that we enjoy with each other should be shared with the world
and other artists that may feel isolated and need some morale boosting. Here's the YouTube link for your listening enjoyment. Artists Friends Podcast

If you're a working artists feeling isolated and want to learn more about marketing online, and want to meet other artists and participate in a lively
conversation. Please send an e-mail request to:

There's no commitment, and if you only wish to be a guest on an episode. Feel free to send a message.

Every week in advance, I search YouTube for interesting art related video's and ask the Friends to watch and we hold a discussion.
Sometimes, we stay on topic, but our meetings are completely organic and we have a lot of fun.

See ya there!