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Art Collecting Terminology

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Art Collecting Terminology

In the process of learning how to collect original works of art. You will come across some strange terminology. Emerging artists, a term you will often encounter. Cheryl McGinnis, art curator/collector, gave the best explanation I have ever heard. Most artists are “emerging” regardless of how many exhibitions or how many art galleries that represent them. In her opinion, unless the works of an artist is in the collections of the worlds major museums and galleries. High level, respected national and international institutions, the artist is NOT established. This is only important for pricing and appraisal's.

Thus most artists are still emerging in their careers. Please don’t confuse this with your love of a particular artists work, or quality. It is simply a term that you’ll hear and read while researching the background of working artists. Galleries and professional art dealers use the term all the time.

Speaking of galleries, the traditional way that art is sold. Bargain’s can be found, and in some cases an easy way to finance their higher priced works. However, always keep in mind that a gallery usually splits the price 50% or less with the artist. The pricing will always be higher because of exhibitions, operating costs, etc.

If your favorite artist is represented with a gallery, check out this service as a possible method for financing. An artist friend recommended this site.

Art Aesthetics

What one likes or dis-likes in art is something very personal. A piece will speak to you or touch your soul. You will identify with what the artists is trying to say, or not! However, when starting an art collection on a budget one can become so frustrated or even depressed. You don’t have the funds for an original Van Gogh, or Picasso, Thomas Kinkade to name a few. Prints, are available, however you are also interested in creating a collection that may mature in value.

Why not consider, current working artists? There are thousands of artists world-wide that create works very similar in style, to the named famous artists and more. Some artists copy exactly, and are very proud and good at it.

Collect With Your Heart

Last and the most important thought! You must really love the work, and it will be pure enjoyment looking at the piece everyday of your life. Buy with your heart, and not only as an investment or expectation in future value.